To be sure that all announcements and directions in the Review were just as they should be, James made a hasty trip to Battle Creek, taking Ellen with him. While there, she had what she spoke of as an impressive dream, in which it seemed that they, along with part of a large body of people, started out with heavily loaded wagons prepared for a journey. The road seemed to ascend; on one side there was a deep precipice, and on the other, a high, smooth wall. As they journeyed, the road narrowed, causing them to leave their wagons and then their horses. As the perilous path narrowed, they took off their shoes. However, along the way they found ropes, representing faith, let down; these increased in size as they progressed. Finally they reached a chasm, beyond which was a beautiful field of green grass. To get there, they had to rely wholly upon the ropes; by these they could swing to the other side. In whispers the travelers inquired, "To what is the cord attached?" Hesitating and distressed, they heard the words "God holds the cords. We need not fear." James first swung across the abyss and Ellen followed, and they were safely on the other side, praising God and perfectly happy. "The dream needs no comment," she stated as she told it. She felt the scenes were such she could never forget.

2T, pp. 594-597