ONE evening, after having been   engaged in reading and meditating until a late hour, I retired to rest, being singularly impressed, but feeling calm and peaceful. In this state of mind I fell asleep and dreamed the 

following dream: 

I seemed to be traveling alone through a strange, and to me unknown, country. 

After proceeding onward for some time in this manner, I became conscious of some one at my side, who now seemed to be my guide, keeping constantly near me. As I was thus traveling, I saw in the distance what appeared, as I came nearer it, a broad and lofty edifice, exceeding in greatness anything I had ever beheld. My course was directly toward this magnificent and   towering building, and soon I found myself standing at its place of entrance.

My guide now stepped forward, and raising his hand to the golden knob, said to me, " Let us enter here." Instantly the massive door receded, and we entered. We were at once in the midst of a flood of  dazzling light, but although most brilliant, it seemed soft and pure. This light filled and illuminated the entire building as far as my vision could extend; but I was unable to discover from whence the light proceeded. 

My guide conducted me farther in toward the center of the vast building, and there paused, giving me an opportunity to view this inexpressibly glorious scene, to which I had been so unexpectedly admitted. With 

feelings of awe and amazement I gazed around me, and observed that the interior of this building was one vast apartment; the walls and roof extending far, far above our heads. The walls of this vast room were filled with casements containing numberless shelves, and, as far as I could see, these casements extended. From the shining  pavement upon which we stood, upward to the dome of the building, and far away to right and left, these casements were seen. 

And not only were the walls covered with these casements, but the entire apartment was fitted up with this arrangement of shelves, the casements rising to the same height as the walls, and were placed at short intervals from each other, extending from wall to wall, intersected with numerous aisles, reaching as far as my sight could extend.

These casements I saw were filled with crowns of surpassing beauty, they being made of pure gold. They were all wrought after the same pattern, and seemingly   fashioned by the hand. They all presented the same appearance, unsullied and without blemish. Each crown was illuminated with one or more stars, which shone with   transcending brightness. These stars appeared to be inlaid, and shining as it were through transparent glass. The glittering gems were of the same size and shone with the same brilliancy. The crowns differed only in the number of the stars which they  contained, some crowns containing more than others, and so shone more brilliantly. Each star seemed to be a gem, flashing and sparkling with inexpressible brightness.

While I was contemplating this sublime and glorious scene, my guide beckoned to me, and said, "Let us go farther." We then proceeded on far into the interior of the building, surrounded as we went, on every side, by thousands of these golden, starry diadems, the beauty and brightness of which it is impossible to describe. At length my guide halted in front of one of these casements filled with crowns, and waving his hand around him said to me, "These are the crowns which are laid up for the just, and the stars in each crown denote the number who are saved through the instrumentality of those who shall wear them." Then pointing to a group of crowns in the casement before us, he said, "Those crowns belong to your father's family, and that," pointing to a particular one, " is your crown." Instantly my eyes were fixed upon the beautiful treasure, and with emotion I counted the number, six. My eyes then fell upon a crown that lay beside it. This was thickly studded with those emblems of faithfulness and devotion in the Master's service. Words are utterly inadequate to express the emotion then of my heart. Such a deep feeling of solemn joy and humiliation, mingled with heartfelt sorrow  and regret, I had never before experienced. 

Humbled in the dust at the thought that one so utterly unworthy as I should be counted worthy to receive a crown so costly and so transcendingly beautiful, caused a feeling of joy in my heart before unknown to me, mingled with such sorrowful regrets at the recollection of my remissness in duty and inactivity in the Master's service, thereby failing to secure a greater number of those glittering stars in the crown pointed out as my own, so overwhelmed me with emotion that I wept aloud like a child, while my guide stood smiling solemnly upon me. 

To such a degree of intensity were my feelings wrought up that I was awakened from my slumbers, and found myself in a flood of tears, weeping with uncontrollable emotion.

It was a long time before I could   compose myself. Oft-times since, in my waking hours, have I wept at the recollection of that inexpressibly beautiful and glorious scene. Even now while I am trying to picture it, tears will unbidden flow, and the emotions which I had in viewing those crowns rush over me.

The thought that the narration of this dream (which seemed to me almost a real thing) may be the means of leading one of the dear readers of this paper to the Savior, and thereby add one more of those glittering gems to the crown which I humbly trust I shall be permitted to wear, is my reason for attempting to write out the most heart-thrilling scenes my mind could ever conceive.

My dear young friends, is it not the greatest desire of your heart to have the King of glory place upon your head one of those beautiful crowns, radiant with stars, crowns such as monarchs never wear? 

If so, say now, in the name and strength of the dear Redeemer, "It shall be mine," and it will be given you. If you will do this, and are faithful in his service, many of those glittering stars will be inlaid therein. 

May the Lord grant his blessing and enable you now to decide for Jesus and the beautiful crown of life.

 Young Pilgrim.